Wire Consultancy Engineering and Safety

Logistic Safety


  • To carry out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential electrical hazards involving personnel, Electrical Systems/Electrical Installation, services and operation at war
  • The objective of Fire Safety and Risk assessment is to review the design, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment to analyse the gap and Risk associated in the requirements of the relevant design, installation and commissioning Standards and all other potential fire hazards
  • Critically evaluating each manual handling equipment from safety and operations perspective so as to achieve the following objectives:
  • Manual handling equipment maintenance for reducing down time and maintaining the forklift in condition
  • Verification of Active safety devices
  • Improve the overall safety performance of material handling activities
  • Understand the current risk control measures and suggest control measure for improvement
  • Identify gaps in current control measures with respect to national / international standards
  • Suggest suitable risk control / mitigation measures for improvement