Wire Consultancy Engineering and Safety

Electrical Risk Assessment

Electrical Risk Assessment


Theelectricalsafetyaudit broadlyclassifiedandgroupedintothreecategories:

  • Safetyrelatedtohumans-Humansafetyaudit
  • Safetyofequipment-Equipmentsafetyaudit
  • Statutoryrequirement-Statutoryaudit

ThemainobjectiveofESAistoidentifying potential electrical hazards,flawsindesign system, maintenance system, etc. top reventor minimize loss of life and property. Following are the key objectives of ESA

  • Review of connectedloadvis-à-vissanctionedload/contract demand.
  • Review of the complete electrical distribution system.
  • Review of electricity bills for the penalties imposed by the power supply agency for exceeding contract demand, delayed payment charges and non-maintenance of power factor.
  • Review ofqualityofelectricalsafetyandprotectivesystemslikeMainswitches, MCCBs,MCBs,ELCBs/RCBs,Isolatorsetc.
  • Review of insulationresistanceof cables,wiresetc.
  • Review of earthingsystem.
  • Review of qualityof electricalwiringpractices,switchgearsused.
  • Review of UPS/Battery,hub/serversforsafetyandproperlocation.
  • Review of energyconsumptionvis-à-visconnectedload.
  • Review of lightingarrangement.